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creating circles – 2021

Do you feel the pull towards holding space where people feel nurtured, heard and held? Do you have a spark of an idea to create communities where people support each other? Are you interested in moving your work either to groups or online but the thought of running a group fills you with dread?

Then the ‘creating circles’ course is for you. 

We have three courses running in 2021, starting in January, May and September. For more information click here.

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Hello I am Sally, I have supported families in their transition to parenting for over ten years. I run NCT Antenatal courses for expectant families in the North of England. I am a Mentor for other birth workers and run training events across the UK for Red Tent Doulas.

Doula Services:
I am a birth and postnatal doula with a wealth of experience in supporting families throughout pregnancy and into their parenting journey. I offer antenatal, birth and postnatal care with different packages tailored to your own personal needs. There is a vast amount of literature and information at your fingertips which is incredibly useful but it also means that it can be hard to find your own way. I am passionate about helping you to navigate this information and trust just one expert… yourself. My experience includes; hospital and home birth, VBAC, induction, loss, planned and emergency caesarean, planned breech birth, water birth, siblings and pregnancies categorised as ‘high risk’. Please see ‘doula services’ for more information.

In view of the current situation relating to Coronavirus there have been a few changes to the services I am offering and how ‘sally golightly family doula’ is running. I am here to provide antenatal and postnatal support via Zoom, mindfulness based relaxation activities and sessions designed specifically to help you feel confident about the birth of your baby. To discuss birth and postnatal work please message me directly.

I am continuing to mentor doulas and other antenatal practitioners, if you would like to book a mentoring slot via zoom or telephone then please email me

I am an experienced facilitator and run Maternal Journal Yorkshire, a creative space aimed to improve women’s emotional wellbeing and Death Cafe, a discussion group to explore issues of loss, grief, death and dying. These are now held on Zoom, please contact me for further information.

doula services

I provide a range of services including birth preparation, birth doula packages and post natal care.


I provide maternal journal and death cafe workshops

doula training

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