Do you feel a pull towards circle work?

Do you have an idea to start a group or circle of your own to improve health and wellbeing?

Do you work one to one and would like to move your work to groups or online?

Do you want to hold space but worry about silences in groups or knowing what to say next?

Does the thought of facilitating your own group give you butterflies but also make you feel a bit queasy?

Then ‘creating circles’ is for you!

I wrote ‘creating circles’ because I knew that there were so many people out there who could hold space and should be holding space, but the thought of running groups terrified them. I wrote this course because although circle work is magic, facilitation skills are something that can be taught. I wrote this course because this year, more than ever, people need people; they need to share stories, they need conversations and they need a sense of community, a sense of belonging. ‘creating circles’ is about teaching you the skills and giving you the confidence to hold space and run your own circles so that less people feel isolated and more people feel connected, with a shared commonality in these strange wonky times.

‘creating circles’ is ideal for those who want to lead circles or groups* of their own. It is a combination of self led, reflective study with interactive zoom group sessions and the option of 1-1 mentoring (where I walk alongside you as you set up your own group). Over the course of our six weeks together you will be gently nurtured and guided through the skills needed to lead your own groups, whether online or face to face.

creating circles

What often holds people back from running their own circles is confidence and time, ‘creating circles’ is a safe place to play, practice and explore. This course will leave you feeling excited and confident about establishing your own circle. It will give you the opportunity to think about your own groups; whether you have an idea about what these might be – or whether you would like to create something new. You will also leave the course with a community to support you, connections with others who are starting out and a group who have your back. The self led study element of the workbook means that it is ideal to fit in with busy lives, and the option of mentoring means that you benefit from my skills and experience of setting up and running my own groups. It can be nerve-wracking starting something new but by joining ‘creating circles’ you will not be alone.

The ‘creating circles’ course costs £149/month for six months (or £799 if paid in full on registration) and includes;

  • Beginnings… creating safe circles, exploring boundaries and setting intentions
  • Connections… the fundamentals of creating groups; we will be exploring the skills needed to run groups
  • When things get tricky… what to do and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Letting go… coming alongside those you work with and letting the magic happen
  • Guiding circles… how to hold and facilitate discussions
  • Endings… closing circles and saying goodbye
  • Failing… and why it’s important to learning
  • Who is holding you? self care for those who hold space
  • Next steps… setting up your own circle or group; planning, GDPR, accessibility, insurance, pricing and marketing 
  • Facilitated online learning with feedback, and an open project at the end of the course leading to certification
  • A study list of books and online resources to help broaden your knowledge
  • A self led study workbook, journal and prompt cards and access to an online community for support

2021 courses:

Winter: 7.00pm – 9.00pm Wednesday 13, 20 and 27 January and February 3, 10 and 24

Spring 10am – 12noon Wednesday 5, 12, 19 May and June 2, 9, 16

Autumn 7.30pm – 9.30pm Wednesday 8, 15, 22 September and October 6, 13, 20

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About me:

I am a doula living in Yorkshire with my family. I ran my first course 20 years ago as a Probation Officer, and then had a career in report writing and managing prison licences. Ten years ago I trained to be an antenatal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust and since then I have spent thousands of hours experience of facilitating groups. I work alongside other birth workers as a mentor and deliver doula training for Red Tent Doulas. I have a wealth of experience of holding space face to face as well as online. My interest is in birth and death and supporting people with life’s transitions. I have seen the power of the circles I have sat in; to connect, heal and create communities. Not only does circle work help those who attend but it also ripples out to those they love, support and work alongside. The magic of circle work is that it reaches far beyond the group and that’s what I enjoy most of all. This year I started running courses for Ripens, delivering training to GPs, social prescribers and social workers and other’s involved in supporting vulnerable people. I also run Death Cafe, a discussion group around death, dying, loss and grief and Maternal Journal a journaling based group aimed to improve health and wellbeing, I am also part of the Maternal Journal Advisory Group. I couldn’t do any of this without having time to myself to decompress, in my spare time I love running in the mountains, camper van adventures and wild swimming.

For further information about the course or if you would like a copy of the question and answer session held in November 2020, please contact me direct on

Things that others have said about my workshops;

“Being in one of Sally’s groups os always magical. She has a gift for holding space like no one else. She has a way of making sure that everyone’s voice is heard, everyone feels valued and welcomed. Being in her group is like a moment of escapism, you leave the outside world behind you. She creates a warm. welcoming, funny and above all else, safe space to share”.

“Sally is an amazing facilitator. She creates the perfect balance in the group between allowing women to chat, share, reflect and be creative. I love going… I always leave feeling that I have learned something new about myself, but have also learned from sharing with other women. I found it incredibly empowering…”

“I found Sally on Instagram and had been envious of the sessions she ran as they were too far away for me to attend. The silver lining of the pandemic is the introduction of the zoom sessions. They are a little cloud of calm in the week and are time just for me. It’s such a gentle, safe, reassuring space and has provided me with inspiration for more expressive creativity in the last three weeks that I’ve found anywhere in the last three years! Thank you Sally x”

*’circles’ and ‘groups’ are used interchangeably here to mean a gathering of people, whether that is in traditional women’s circles, or those gathering for a shared purpose e.g. yoga, knitting, writing, companionship, death cafe. It is suitable for those who already run groups (e.g. antenatal education or hypnobirthing courses, yoga, moon circles), as well as for those who’s work is 1-1 and would like to move their work to groups.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations made 28 days or more in advance of the first zoom date will receive 100% refund (minus £150 administration). Cancellations made within 14 days will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours will not receive a refund.

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