‘creating circles’ was written in the Scottish Highlands, with sand between my toes and the noise of the waves crashing against the rocks, but it’s gestation and the seed that was planted happened many months before. I think that this is true of many creative endeavours, they take time to germinate and time to grow. For me, many of the ideas have come from sitting in circles, the sharing of stories and experiences, and the quiet confidence that I am supported, that there are others around me who have my back.

This course is ideal for those who want to lead circles or groups* of their own. It is a combination of self led, reflective study with zoom group sessions and the option of 1-1 coaching (where I walk alongside you as you set up). Over the course of our six weeks together you will be gently nurtured and guided through the skills needed to lead your own groups.

  • beginnings… creating safe circles, exploring boundaries and setting intentions
  • connections… the fundamentals of creating groups; we will be exploring the skills needed to run groups
  • when things get tricky… what to do and how to avoid common mistakes
  • letting go… coming alongside those you work with and letting the magic happen
  • guiding circles… how to hold and facilitate discussions
  • endings… closing circles and saying goodbye
  • failing… and why it’s important to learning
  • who is holding you? self care for those who hold space
  • next steps… setting up your own circle or group; planning, GDPR, accessibility, insurance, fees and marketing 
  • facilitated online learning with feedback, and an open project at the end of the course leading to certification
  • a study list of books and online resources to help broaden your knowledge

Details of pricing and payment will follow shortly, to register your interest, click here…

Those on the email list will have the opportunity to sign up in October, with study packs sent out shortly after. The first zoom sessions will begin in January 2021… and I can’t wait!

*’circles’ and ‘groups’ are used interchangeably here to mean a gathering of people, whether that is in traditional women’s circles, or those gathering for a shared purpose e.g. journaling, yoga, knitting (think Icelandic knitting circles!), death cafe. However this course is also suitable for those who are running content on a 1-1 basis and would like to move towards working with groups. As well as though who already run groups (e.g. antenatal, hypnobirthing or other courses).