All Maternal Journal Sessions are run online on a Pay As You Feel basis, please contact me for further information.

These spaces are open to all women*. We have welcomed women at all stages of life at any age, those preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy, the menopause, or grandmothers. Each session provides an opportunity to share, reflect and experiment with a (guided) journaling technique. You do not have to be creative or to have even kept a journal before.

Some women come to gain ideas for journals, some come to sit around a table with other women to share or listen to stories, some come to get over the hurdle of what to write on that first blank page! Journaling is a wonderful way of reducing stress, improving emotional wellbeing and letting go. In a world that can feel busy and fast, these sessions are an opportunity to slow down and nurture yourself.

You can get more information on all aspects of journaling by visiting the Maternal Journal website.

*We welcome all pregnant women, mothers and people that birth, positively encouraging inclusion and diversity of experience.

To book a place on the current Maternal Journal sessions please email me mail@sallygolightly.co.uk