Creating Circles

“I’m Liz, I live in Bargoed, South Wales and took part in Creating Circles Autumn 2021.
Before attending the course I had a monthly group that I ran online as a passion project, but hadn’t taken it any further.

Creating Circles changed that dramatically! A teacher by trade, I was desperately seeking my way out. I had planned to leave at the end of the academic year, but between starting the course and finishing, I had stopped teaching and begun business planning! The course not only made me question what I want and where I was going, it gave me the confidence to take huge leaps into the unknown, rejecting my comfort zone in the search of soul centred work more aligned with who I am. This came from hearing the stories of my course mates, which resonated so deeply, alongside sitting in the beautiful safe and open space Sally creates – where you feel heard, validated and held.

To boot, the course really helped boost my confidence to facilitate adults as I got to showcase my ideas and streamline the circles I want to facilitate, receiving the most amazing constructive feedback. The course is built in a way so that it works with the groups needs and all activities promote progress towards where you want/need to be heading.

This month I officially begin working in my new role as founder and facilitator of Soul Creative Circle. This week I begin my first ever series of face to face circles for maternal wellbeing. In a few weeks time I am collaborating with a parenting hub in Cardiff to run Women’s circles which will be incredible. In addition, I have also been asked to join a creative wellbeing pilot scheme by the Well-being lead of my local health board and this is only the beginning!
I also run women’s shadow work circles online monthly and am working at festivals throughout the summer in exchange for family tickets and food.

Had I not had the space and time to sit in circle, learning about the possibility ahead, I wonder if I’d still be slogging away in the classroom. A lot can change in a very short space and time and this is the very best way to begin that metamorphosis. I will always be eternally grateful to the course, the very special circle of women I met on it and of course, Sally.”

Maternal Journal:

“I really feel that maternal journal was a massive tool to help me in a period that I was finding very difficult. Having a newborn without my mum here was such a struggle but through journaling and meeting the other mums I was able to gain a circle of friends who I am still in contact with and an invaluable support network in times when I am feeling low. I have since shown my work to my therapist and we are using the pages of my journal to structure our sessions as I have really found it a great way to express myself. I have also used it to communicate with my family members and friends where before we found it really difficult to express our feelings and remember my mum. I am so excited for my daughter to grow up and learn about her nana through her journal. I would recommend maternal journal to everyone and have told loads of people about it”

“Sally is an amazing facilitator. She creates the perfect balance in the group between allowing women to chat, share, reflect and be creative. I love going to the maternal journal sessions and always leave feeling that I have learned something new about myself, but have also learned from sharing with other women. I found it incredibly empowering to be able to bring my baby to a class like this.”

Doula work:

“Sally was a wonderful influence to have around after the birth of our baby. She helped me to process my daughter’s birth and all the things which come from becoming a first time mum! Sally is a fantastic space holder, trustworthy and honest… A calming and subtle influence who can help you to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom which is vital to growing in confidence as a new mum and in connecting to your baby’s needs. I couldn’t recommend Sally highly enough.”

“I wish I could give Sally 10 stars, every birthing woman deserves a Sally! I’d only looked into a Doula to assist with our toddler during the birth as we didn’t have any family to help out, little did I know how wonderful a Doula could be. I’d heard it was essentially ‘Mothering the Mother’ but Sally brought so much more awesomeness to our home than we could have expected, she was a huge support to me and my husband and she definitely went above and beyond the call of duty to assist us in any way possible. I had such a stress free amazing birth with my second daughter and I attribute it to having fantastic support around me. Not only that, but it was the little things that meant so much, for instance on the morning after my birth, on zero sleep, Sally left us a homemade cake and a box of goodies on the doorstep. I will remember it always, thank you Sally x”

– Lisa and Tom

“We were absolutely thrilled to have Sally at the birth and will be asking her to be present when we have our next child. Sally was a breath of fresh air during labour. She was present but unobtrusive, and willing to do whatever was necessary to help. Her presence was helpful and calming… She was also really useful in discussing options when new issues arose and helped me to make informed choices. Thanks to Sally I was able to have the most natural birth possible under the circumstances. Sally is a natural Doula. In both my and partner’s opinion she was brilliant. She was fully competent with everything that she did for us and showed great empathy toward me. She was even fun to have around! This helped so much. After the birth in hospital, the midwife commented on how well I, my partner and the Doula worked together, and I absolutely agree.”

– Ann-Marie and Dan

***I was thrilled to be asked to support Ann-Marie and Dan during their second birth.

“Sally is a lovely, quietly confident Doula who gave us caring support and assurance without being judgemental or dismissive of our needs and always checked if we needed anything else. Her knowledge is good and informative and if she didn’t know she would find out and give balanced information to help make choices. She is just a beautiful person. She took some beautiful pictures during the birth but discreet which I love looking at.It felt like having a knowledgeable and confident friend with us, I also think it helped me as the birthing mother to know that I didn’t need to worry about my partner, that he would be supported by the Doula. Sally was warm and engaging, sensitive to our situation and the different needs of myself and my partner during different stages of my labour/ post birth. We felt confident in her knowledge and how she dealt respectfully with the medical professionals whilst advocating for our preferences.”

“Sally has been invaluable throughout our whole journey from being 12 weeks pregnant to the postnatal period. I couldn’t imagine having the amazing birth experience I had without the support of Sally. We are so grateful to have had her support throughout this whole experience. I recommend her to every pregnant lady I come across and if they’re not near I insist on having a Doula because of her care.”