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Creative, reflective spaces in corporate settings

Providing opportunities for employees to nurture and look after themselves is imperative for a resilient, happy work environment.

In fact, 81% of Human Resource leaders increased their focus on staff wellbeing during the pandemic.

Creativity and art journaling can help to reduce stress and increase focus and productivity in the workplace, as well as supporting the process of reframing, changing mindset and increasing positivity and happiness.

It felt like a really significant session for me because I got something down on paper that I’ve been too afraid to address in print up to now.

I offer creative, reflective spaces (either virtually or in person) in corporate settings from large private businesses to public sector organisations.

These sessions allow employees who lead stressful lives to slow down for a while to explore their creativity and learn techniques that can support them to process their thoughts, feelings and experiences and build their resilience.

Often booked as part of an Employer Wellbeing Scheme, away day or as a conference activity, common themes have included reflective practice, mindfulness, resilience and journaling. However, the session can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

This session and the previous one have been quite a profound experience for me. During the first one I realised how unsafe I felt in my life at the time. I am now safer, and this session today has helped me reflect on how far I have come and also celebrate some of the ways I am finding myself.

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