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I’m a facilitator for the Red Tent Doula Preparation Course in the north of England.

The course includes home study and a weekend workshop. It specifically looks at the childbearing year, which means that it’s useful for those supporting during pregnancy, birth or postnatally.

The course is a Doula UK accredited programme that supports Doulas on their journey to becoming accredited.

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Red Tent Doula Preparation Course

Home study

Once you’ve registered for the course, you’ll receive your woman-led, self-study guide.

This is the beginning of your journey to becoming wholly ready to do the very sacred work of supporting parents and babies to achieve gentle birth and parenting.

The home study part of the course includes reading, watching documentaries, meeting local midwives and doulas, nourishing yourself and exploring how you feel about pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

You choose how long this takes you. There are minimum requirements you must complete, but you can do more if you wish.

Weekend workshop

My intention is that all Doulas will finish the workshop with a strong sense of who they are as a Doula and how to develop and grow. I believe that the more diverse we are as Doulas, the more women we are able to support. There is a Doula for everyone

Based on women’s circles and journaling, the workshop space is simply magic.

We come together to share birth stories and explore the role of a Doula, from interview through to the birth and postnatal period. There is plenty of sharing, honouring, learning, exploring, planning and storytelling with your fellow Doulas.

Mentoring session

After you have completed both the workshop and the self-study requirements, you will have a one to one mentoring session with your facilitator to ensure you are fully nurtured and prepared to step out into the world to support parents as a Doula.

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