I made the decision quite early on that the spaces I hold will welcome not only those who are biological mothers themselves but also step mums, childless mothers, non-binary people, trans people, and those without children.

This includes all of my circles:

  • Maternal Journal
  • Retreats
  • Creating Circles
  • Workshops
  • Moon Room
  • Doula training.

We bring a wealth of human experience when we sit together with all of our wonderfully diverse journeys. I want to make spaces where we can learn, nurture, hold and share our stories authentically.

My commitment to you when you come is to hold space with tenderness. Sometimes unexpected things come up and it’s not always comfortable. With this in mind, there’s always an opportunity to contribute as much or as little as you want. Where something arises that is outside the scope of my practice, I will signpost you to other relevant organisations for support.