Face to face Creative Workshops with Claire Rookes in Bingley/Bradford

Hi I’m Claire and I have been a community artist for 14 years.

Running creative workshops is a fantastic way to bring people together and foster a sense of community, well-being and fun.

I offer a diverse range of activities, from gel printing and collage to lino printing and origami, providing participants with a variety of artistic experiences.

I can offer both larger group workshops for friends or specific groups and smaller, more intimate sessions allowing me to cater to different preferences and needs.

My qualification as an art teacher with a holistic approach adds a professional touch to my workshops, ensuring that participants not only learn new skills but also have a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Offering one-on-one creative sessions is a great option for those seeking more personalised guidance and attention.

I’m flexible with regards to where I can facilitate workshops – a venue of your choice (for larger groups) or from my home studio in Bingley for groups of 6 or less.

Email: r_claire_@outlook.com

Phone: 07910760570